Trushare Files  No. 48



May 1999


Comment: May 1999

30 Days: May 1999

A Renewed Priesthood by Arthur Middleton

The Truth Shall Set You Free
The revised text of the document The Case for a Free Province
of the Church of England
which the Council of Forward in Faith
is commending for discussion in the regions

Clustering by Rodney Schofield

Forward in Faith Update

Question and Answer: Is the Church of England still part of the catholic church?

Mary, Ecumenism and Me by Michael Banks

April Heavisides: Millennium Experience V

David Smith: Grounded in Faith

Chris Verity: Come West, Young Man!
The Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Andrew Burnham: Octaves Apart

Biblical Exposition on All things new!

Robbie Low: Breaking of Nations

Letter from America: Positions Contrary to Scripture

Idle Curiosity: Long Live the Queen!

Letter from Australia: The Need for Episcopal Care

Faith of our Fathers: Easter Sermon of St John Chrysostom

The Way We Live Now: Swing-Spong-Pike

Synod Insider: Clergy Costs


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